Businesses Must Avoid Common Insurance Mistakes

The cost of protecting a business can be as expensive as operating it. Every company has to be diligent about maintaining the correct level of insurance, and having the correct type of coverage. As the world changes, the risks people face change with it. A generation ago the average business owner had no reason to worry about being held responsible if a customer had someone steal from their back account. Today, any business could be at risk if a security breach of their data reveals personal information that harms their clients in any way.

Proper protection means making certain that every aspect of a business is covered. It is not uncommon for obvious risks to be ignored. This means having coverage for all of the property including the business location, all vehicles and all equipment. Business owners often protect their buildings from fire, but forget about floods. There are no businesses that are not at risk to flooding and believing it could never happen could lead to losses that are impossible to recover from alone.


People need to be protected too, and this is another area where business insurance is neglected. Worker’s compensation is usually covered and liability coverage is purchased to protect against lawsuits if a client is harmed in some way. Yet, business owners forget about themselves. In many small businesses, the owner is needed on a daily basis. They are more than figureheads for an organization, but an integral part of the team. Without long term care coverage, what happens when someone is ill or injured and unable to work? If the owner does not have worker’s compensation coverage for themselves, will they be able to pay their medical bills after an accident?

It is important that people not only purchase their policies, but know what each of them covers. They need to be aware of the details, because is too late to make changes when in the middle of a claim. It is understandable that people can be confused by what each policy is and whether or not it applies to their circumstances. Companies like fortner insurance are happy to help people choose personal and business policies that will meet their need and make certain that everything they value is appropriately covered.

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